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We guarantee the companies in Italy and worldwide

We specialise in short-term credit insurance, surety bonds and protection from construction risks. We offer our products directly and through a network of agents spread throughout Italy.

Set up in 2004 by SACE as a company specialising in short-term insurance (with payments deferred by up to 12 months), since 2005 SACE BT has extended its operations to surety bonds and protection from construction risks through the acquisition of ASSEDILE.

SACE BT is wholly controlled by SACE and, in its turn, holds 100% of SACE SRV, a company specialising in business information services and credit recovery.

Board of Directors

In SACE since 2004, currently he is responsible for the ROS area, consisting of the department for Human Resources, Organisation, Information Systems and General Services. He gained a decade of experience in an ICT consulting firm, coordinating various initiatives mainly for the Fiat Group, Imi, Citibank and Alitalia. Subsequently, he held the role of Director of Applications Development at Euler Hermes SIAC. In May 2016 he was appointed Chairman of SACE BT.

Board of Statutory Auditors

Laura Guazzoni Chairwoman

Paolo Burlando Standing Auditor

Alessia Fulgeri Standing Auditor

Elena Biglino Deputy Auditor

Luigi Troiani Deputy Auditor

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Agenzia Biella

Financial position

At the date of the most recent approved financial statements relating to 2018, the equity of SACE BT S.P.A. totalled 62,398,083 euro; the part relating to fully paid up share capital totaled 56,539,356 euro.

At the same date the Solvency II index, which corresponds to the ratio of own funds to the solvency capital requirement, was 1.72.

Office address


Registered Office and Headquarters in Piazza Poli, 42 - 00187 Rome - Italy.

Tel: +39 06 6976971 - Fax: +39 06 69769700

Rome Companies Register, Tax Code and VAT no. 08040071006

Email: - certified email:

SACE BT S.P.A. is a company registered in the List of Italian insurance and reinsurance companies att. Sect. I with number 1.00149; authorised for business under IVASS (formerly ISVAP) order no. 2286 of 23 June 2004 published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic no. 154 of 3 July 2004 and to provide insurance services of the Branch 8 and 9 Fire and Other Damage to Property with order no. 2654 of 28 November 2008; subject to supervision by IVASS.